Wednesday, July 16, 2008

American Idol Concert

Greg and I went to the American Idol concert last night (the tickets were my birthday gift), and it was great! Here is my official review. Michael John was awesome; he gave me goosebumps singing Dream On. He should not have left the show so early on. Carly was much better live and I was impressed with her Crazy on You. Jason was a cutie, very unique. Brooke was darling, made me teary eyed when she sang Yellow. Carly said Brooke took her to see the temple earlier that day, which I thought was cool of her. David Archuletta was wonderful. He really has a beautiful voice. The crowd went so crazy for him that there were times we couldn't even hear him sing. (Funny side note: the screaming of the crowd made my milk come in. Ha ha!) But after seeing everyone live I must stick with my original favorite. I <3 David Cook! He is amazing! He did an encore of Billie Jean that floored me. Love the guy! Thanks to Greg for the tickets and a great night, and thanks to Rie for watching Palmer.


Valerie said...

That is awesome! I like David Cook too.

Stoney said...

What a fun night to have. I am sure those times are far and few now, so you definately appreciate them more.