Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Would Not Make a Good Drug Addict

Don't get me wrong... I'm all for some Tylenol, Ny-Quil or Sudafed, anything that makes life easier. But in the past few months, after two surgeries, I've realized I can not handle heavy medications. I've know that many antibiotics make me sicker than I originally was, but lately I've taken the intensity of my medication to a whole new level. After the C-section I was too dizzy and nauseated to even watch my son's first bath. The last day I was in the hospital for the same procedure I was puking from the Percocet. I went home with the worst migrain I had ever experienced. When I came out of anesthesia last Tuesday, I threw up. I was given Loratab with my gallbladder surgery because I knew my body couldn't handle the Percocet. Well that didn't work either. When I was leaving the hospital the rooms were spinning. I decided to just take half a pill for the pain, but even that built up in my system and yesterday I had such an awful headache I just had to lay in a dark quiet room. I don't understand how people enjoy being drugged up. I hate it. I would rather be in pain than take a pain pill and experience the side effects!


Mindy said...

Best advice I can give you on that is never to take anything bigger than 800mg Ibuprofen. It is enough to kill the pain (so long as your not well used to it) without all the nasty side effects like headaches and vomiting. Having worked in the pharmacy, I sort of know which ones to steer clear from, and the doctors automatically prescribe the hardest pain killers without even asking if you think you need something THAT harsh. Sorry your recovery meds are not really "helping" you to recover.

Tanya said...

i have felt the eact same way. the whole room is spinning everytime i take anything harder than an 800 ibuprofen