Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Case of Indecent Giggles & One Month Photos

Palmer amazes us daily with how quickly he is growing up. Last night he let out his first laugh. It was so adorable. He was nursing at the time and had a mouth full of booby, not quite sure what made that so funny, but it was super sweet nonetheless.

Today Auntie London took us to Kiddie Kandids for a photo shoot with Palmer's cousin Davis. The boys are only 8 months apart, so we are planning on them being best buds. The photographer was amazed that Palmer could already hold up his head so she wanted to capture that in the photographs. I can't believe how patient she was when taking their pictures, especially the one with the two of them. Anytime she would get the one to look at the camera with a happy expression, the other would look away or cry, or in one instance fall on top of the other one. Too bad I can not afford to take Palmer there for all his pictures because they really do such a great job. I think they came out just darling!

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Mindy said...

Wow Lera, that is REALLY amazing how well he holds his head. . .usually babies aren't that able until about 3 months! You must have steroid milk, lol. That is so cute that Palmer laughed while nursing. Did you squirt everywhere? When the girls would nurse, sometimes they would jerk away and get themselves soaked. Other times, when I was in a silly mood, when the girls were done nursing, I would squirt Travis. I recommend doing this at least once, just for laughs. . .