Monday, June 16, 2008


I finally had enough time to complete this tag from Rie. Sorry if you lose interest; I even got tired of talking about myself this much!

-What is your favorite number? 8
Now name that many answers to the following.
8 nicknames: Dollar Five, Mistress Butterbuns, Laura, L.L., Short Stack, Kirby & Madonna, Ler-Ler, Leraleehee
8 things that you are wearing: brown pants, garments, nursing pads, tank top, peasant shirt, ponytail elastic, mascara, chapstick
8 things you want or have in a relationship: respect, laughter, trust, kindness, consideration, loyalty, understanding, fun
8 of your favorite things to do: read, sleep, scrapbook, bake, cook, take a bath, blog, shop
8 of your least favorite things to do: wake up, dishes, laundry, kill bugs, weed, scrub the bathtub, pay bills, pluck eyebrows
8 things you did last night: ate dinner, blew out the candles on my birthday cake, visited with family, opened presents, played Mario Kart, rocked Palmer to sleep, sang hymns to Palmer, showered
8 people you last talked to: Palmer, Greg, random women at WalMart, Candace, mechanic at WalMart, Angela, London, Rie
8 things you are doing tomorrow: nursing, changing diapers, making dinner, dishes, checking e-mail/blog stalking, read The Host, kiss my baby, kiss my hubby
8 favorite holidays: Christmas, Valentines Day, 4th of July, New Years, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, my B-day, Easter
8 bad memories: labor, my mom in pain, calling 911, breaking up, getting in a car accident, junior high, being sick, getting lost
8 favorite memories: my wedding day, Greg's proposal, meeting Palmer, Palmer's first laugh, putting on a puppet show with my mom, Oakcrest, high school graduation, getting my college diploma
8 favorite books: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Twilight, Harry Potter, Cry the Beloved Country, Midsummer Night's Dream, The Freedom Writers, Where the Heart Is
8 favorite drinks: water, Freckled Lemonade from Red Robin, Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke, Peach Lemonade, IBC Cream Soda, Orange Julius, Mango Juice, Swiss Milk Chocolate shake from Leatherbys
8 things about me you may have not known: I trap spiders under mugs/bowls so Greg can kill them when he gets home, I have really long toes, I've never had braces, I like the smell of gasoline, I was born in Ohio, I love roller coasters, I have morbid nightmares, I plan to write an LDS novel
8 bad things that you've done at your job: shown up late, gossiped, discuss pay rate, skipped clean up duties, talked on the phone to friends, took a long lunch, faked being sick, lied about why I was quitting
8 movies I would watch again and again: Moulin Rouge, Where the Heart Is, While You Were Sleeping, French Kiss, any Harry Potter, any Batman, Stranger Than Fiction, Dan in Real Life
8 favorite foods: Stove Top stuffing, pizza, chicken enchiladas, chicken and dumplings, french fries, pasta, sourdough bread, homemade sweets
8 places I want to travel to: England, Italy, France, Dubai, Hawaii, New York, Japan, Greece
8 hot actors/actresses: Ewan McGregger, Chris O'Donnell, Heath Ledger, LL Cool J, Harry Connic Jr. (because he looks like my hubby), Paul Bettany, James Marsden, Orlando Bloom
8 favorite people: Greg, Palmer, my mom, London, Rie, my dad, Jenny, Erin
8 things you need to do this week: clean, shop, cook, bake, scrapbook, take care of Palmer, learn to Hula at the young womens activity, laundry
8 first date topics: hobbies, family, friends, job, movies, books, dreams, values
8 random things: fingernails, guitar hero, pez, thank you notes, bills, batteries, sunglasses, drums (I got all of those by looking around Greg's messy office)
8 things that you are thinking right now: I should have answered that my favorite number is 2, I think Palmer is finally asleep, It's 1:00 and I still haven't done my hair, I want to read The Host instead of clean, I hope Greg doesn't get home too late tonight, this is a really long survey, I'm quite full from lunch, I need lotion
8 reasons to love your life: my husband, my little boy, my sisters, my friends, my talents, the gospel, our home, because attitude is everything
8 people you want to do this: Ugh, eight is too many, if you are reading this and feel inclined to do it, consider yourself tagged

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Rie Pie said...

seriously!! 8? That is insane, I think I would have lied about my favorite number. Although the hot actors list would need to be higher. I think I could name at least 100.