Friday, May 9, 2008

My Mother's Laugh

In honor of mother's day I thought I would record one of my favorite things about my mom, her laugh. She had an infectious laugh, a loud one that often rang throughout our home. Many times she laughed when others would consider it inappropriate, but that was her personality and her friends and family quickly realized there was no offense to be taken. Through her laugh, we all learned to have a good sense of humor about our blunders instead of being embarrased. She reminded us to not take life so seriously.

She thought it was hysterical any time someone bumped their head, slipped, tripped or fell. One day while she and I were out shopping at the mall, I asked her if she would laugh if it was her who fell. She told me she wasn’t sure because with her bad health it might really hurt her. When we came out of the mall, the parking lot was a sheet of ice. As we were crossing the parking lot, she slipped and fell and slid right under a car that was stopped at a stop sign. She didn’t reply to my questions of if she was alright, and I began to get really worried, as did the woman in the car above her. About a minute later she burst out with a hoot and I realized it wasn’t pain that kept her from catching her breath but laughter. It took about five minutes for me to help her get out from under the car, because she was laughing so hard. She laughed about it all the way home and every time she told the story.
A couple of weeks before she passed away she was talking to my Grandma on the phone. My grandma was concerned about my mom being able to get help when she needed it. She had been falling a lot at the time, and we were in the routine to come running to help whenever she yelled. She assured my Grandma that she was fine and that she could yell loud enough to get anyone’s attention, and with that she let out a bellowing, “Lera!” I had been up stairs scrapbooking and my father had been napping. Within seconds we both came flying into the room, hearts pounding, ready to do what was needed. She started cracking up, and said “I guess I didn’t think that out.”

Last mother's day was a difficult one for me. My mom had passed away only a couple of weeks before. This year I still feel the heartache of losing her, but I also have some wonderful reasons to celebrate, great memories of my mother, and a new baby boy. I pray I can be as good of a mother to Palmer as my mom was to me.


Lisa said...

Dear Lera,
Happy Mother's day to you my friend. This is a hard day for those of us that have lost our MOMS. I am so thrilled for you to be able to share this day with your new baby boy, Cherish every minute and think of that laugh that fills your heart. You are in my thoughts.
Love Lisa

Adrienne said...

That's beautiful!!! And Palmer is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day. I know it's late buy this is the only time I've had to use the computer. Treasure your motherhood, especially with a newborn, as it goes by way too fast.
Treasure the special times that you had with your precious mother. She was a wonderful lady, one that I enjoyed knowing so much. Love Ya, Claire