Friday, May 23, 2008

Bring Your Son to Work Day

Thursday was a busy, busy day for Palmer and me. The special ed. class I used to work in before I had Palmer had their end of the year BBQ field trip. I told the students I would bring Palmer to it so that they could see him. Here are some of their comments:

"I like your baby Mrs. Hess."
"You were in the hospital!"
"Awww, he's cute and tiny."
"Is your baby my friend?"
And there was also a very heated debate on whether Palmer is a boy or a girl. Most of the class said he's a boy, so that's a relief.

It had been a couple of months since I had seen my students. It hit me how much I really miss them! They truly are the sweetest teenagers in the world. Their happiness and excitement is contagious, and I always find myself smiling and laughing when I am around them. I feel lucky and privileges to have such sweet spirits in my life.

Thursday also happened to be the best day to take Palmer to Greg's work. So we headed straight from the BBQ to the Wells
Fargo Builing. Palmer was definately the most popular guy there! Greg had an entire hour break to show him off, and still didn't make it around the floor to everyone who wanted to see him. Greg's coworkers are all very nice. Palmer was a good sport as he was being handed off over and over again. We are glad we have a baby who likes to be out and about like his mommy and daddy.


Valerie said...

Are you going to go back to work after your leave?

Palmer is adorable!

Lera said...

I won't be going back to work. I have bitter sweet feelings about that. I will really miss the kids but I want to stay home with Palmer. I am planning on doing daycare at home to supliment our income.