Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Officially Overdue

Yesterday was the baby's due date and yet we still don't have a baby. It was not from a lack of trying though. I went on about a mile walk with Erin, Tennisa and Greg in the morning. I started having contractions on the walk. When I got home they continued. Greg and I did some weeding in the afternoon. The contractions were still going. I cleaned house, still having contractions. At 6:00 pm I started timing them. They were steadily 15 minutes apart. I had my visiting teachers over and then I ran some errands. All the time having steady contractions. Unfortunately they totally stopped at 11:00 pm. By then I was so exhausted I just decided to go to sleep instead of doing something physical to try and get them going again. Oh well, a whole day suffering through contractions for nothing!


It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

Hey there my friend... Just got your email and decided to pop over and catch up.. How exciting for you to have a new little one almost here. I cant' wait to see photos!!!!
I miss you gals tons and hope that all goes well during the delivery~!!

Jenn said...

Sorry that all those things didn't take! Maybe tomorrow!