Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Calling

Today I was released as the Young Women's Advisor and called as the Young Women's Secretary. Pretty much the rest of the Young Women's presidency was released. It was a bit bitter sweet. Being a part of the Young Women organization has been a great blessing to me. The last couple years have been difficult (with being unable to get pregnant, taking care of my so very sick mother, her passing away, and my father remarrying so quickly) and I really felt like the other leaders became my support system. I believe one of the reasons I was given my former calling was to develop friendships that would help me through the trials that were to come. The former leaders truly became my best friends and I found a ward family. I am very sad to see them go. But, I am also very thankful to be staying with the young women that I have grown to love so very much! They truly are special girls. I was set apart by the Bishop and was amazed at what an inspired man he is. The blessing was very personal. He blessed me in my upcoming delivery and he blessed me that I would be able to feel my parents' love. He blessed me with a relief of my heartache. I had been trying to hold back the tears all day, but by the end of the blessing that hope had diminished. I know I will never stop missing my mother and the closeness she brought to our family, but what a comfort it is to know that the Lord and his leaders are mindful of me and what I am going through. The gospel is amazing; it is true! I am so blessed.

The YW leaders at YW in Excellence, "Mission Possible." From left to right: Mindy, Celeste, Scott (bishopric member) , Erin, Tennisa, Me, Martha, & Amy

The YW at YW in Excellence, "Mission Possible." From left to right: Rachel, Kaitlin, Charlee, Kayla, Samantha, Katie, Karina, Deja, Nana, Elisha, Britney & Rachel.


ColbandSar said...

Lera, it's so good to hear from you! I'm glad you found me! Sorry I didn't get to chat with you at your shower, but it was really cute, so tell your sisters they really did a good job! I looks as though you have a great support system as well as a fabulous husband! I'm soooo glad cuz you of all people really deserve that! keep in touch! Love the blog!

Tanya said...

i'm glad you got that blessing! Having a baby is hard work but it's also one of the most spiritual experiences i've had. with that said, i'm sure you will have the opportunity to feel how much your own mother loves you, and maybe have her coaching you along in some special way. Good luck again with the delivery.